Theme Changelogs

Classy WordPress Theme Changelog

Below you will find a list of all the updates made to this theme and in some cases the precise changes and files edited. This should make it easier for you to update your theme if you have edited any files. However, we recommend you use a child theme for all your theme edits.

Version: 1.01

  • Fixed portfolio slider bug where first image doesn’t show on some browsers
  • Added option for “Blog Style Homepage” to the admin panel
  • Fixed bug with portfolio video embedd meta data
  • Fixed Column Shortcodes Bug

Version: 1.02

  • Added Latest From Portfolio Widget
  • Fixed function not found error on Portfolio categories when description not defined
  • Added shortcode for 5 columns and offset shortcodes for 1/3 + 2/3 and 1/4 + 2/4
  • Added fixed width (930px) to content slide with padding to fix a bug
  • Fixed issue with Service Icons not appearing on homepage
  • Added new Divider with title shortcode, like the titles ones on the homepage.
  • Added option to choose full blog posts on the blog instead of excerpts

Version: 1.03

  • Fixed issue when thumbnails are disabled via the admin for the blog
  • Fixed bug with custom navigation fonts not working
  • Fixed bug where homepage only showed 3 latest homepage highlights instead of all of them.
  • Added comments support on staff pages (optional)
  • Added Full-With Logo option
  • Added special class so you can use searchbar as a widget if disabled in the header
  • Added simple tabbed shortcode

Version: 1.04

  • New & Updated Theme Documentation!
  • Some JS optimization
  • Updated slides.js version
  • New “portfolio orderby date or title” theme option

Version: 1.05 – Bigger Update

  • Updated contact form
  • Prettier Admin Panel (same unbranded look but cleaner look)
  • Custom copyright footer option
  • Departments support for staff (aka categories)
  • Added post meta box so you can disable author bios and related posts on a single-post basis.
  • Static HTML box for homepage – great for adding embeded video or Image instead of the slider

Version: 1.06

  • Added new meta option so you can paste text/html below the image/slider/video on the single portfolio posts.
  • Added instructions for theme translation to the docs.
  • Changed include in functions.php to require for better security
  • New meta system for portfolio posts. Easier to upload slider images (note if you update your old slider images will reset)

Version: 1.07

  • Fixed issue when you choose color options in the admin it changes read more, slider info and a few other areas that should remain the default color.
  • Fixed issue with “read more” link going outside the container
  • Little CSS edits
  • Awesomeness – Added Static Homepage Template which allows you to set a static page at the top of the regular homepage elements. And also allows for the use of the featured image function. :D

Version: 1.08 – Bigger Update

  • Added LinkedIn option to social widget
  • Updated .PO to include contact form and a few other missing strings
  • Minimifed Javascript files
  • Couple small css edits
  • Moved 960gs to main style.css
  • Added linkedIn option to social Widget
  • Added fix for when testimonial doesn’t have a featured image defined
  • Added “options saved” message to admin panel

Version: 1.09

  • Added category support for services page template –

Version: 1.10

  • Added custom css field to theme panel
  • Added border around single portfolio images
  • Removed meta (date/category) from page entries on search
  • Added option to disable category links on service page
  • Added meta option for custom page excerpt to use in search

Version: 1.11

  • Few styling updates to fix some new WP 3.3 built-in styles that were making the admin look not as nice.
  • Added option to disable categories on staff page.

Version: 1.2

  • Changed how portfolio sliders work – now they use image attachments instead of meta options
  • Updated carousel so buttons don’t show unless you have enough items to ulvent animation issues

Version: 1.21

  • Added 2 templates so you can have an image slider at the top:

Version: 1.22

  • Added ability to have image sliders on other pages similiar to the homepage.

Version: 1.23

  • Fixed a few deulcated functions and replaced require functions with get_template_path functions.
  • Template structure changed quite a bit in includes folder

Version: 1.23

  • Fixed a few deulcated functions and replaced require functions with get_template_path functions.
  • Template structure changed quite a bit in includes folder

Version: 1.24

  • Some WPML fixes so homepage post types shouldn’t show up doubled.