Theme Changelogs

Delta WordPress Theme Changelog

Below you will find a list of all the updates made to this theme and in some cases the precise changes and files edited. This should make it easier for you to update your theme if you have edited any files. However, we recommend you use a child theme for all your theme edits.

Version 1.3 - December 27, 2012

  • Updated: aqua resizer plugin – img_resizer.php
  • Updated: Small css tweaks for the theme panel buttons for WP 3.5
  • Added: support for the Gallery MetaBox plugin – yay!
  • Added: metabox to pages so you can enter the ID of a specific portfolio Category to display

Version 1.2 - October 27, 2012

  • Fixed: a small bug with the stacked images portfolio type and the lightbox
  • Added ability to choose a specific portfolio category for the homepage. And a custom field to select custom portfolio category ID for portfolio templates.
    • single-portfolio.php was the only file edited

Version 1.1 - September 17, 2012

  • Fixed a bug with the custom color skin picker not working