Theme Changelogs

Earth WordPress Theme Changelog

Below you will find a list of all the updates made to this theme and in some cases the precise changes and files edited. This should make it easier for you to update your theme if you have edited any files. However, we recommend you use a child theme for all your theme edits.

Version 3.1 – December 20, 2013

  • Updated post type icons to use new WP 3.8 font icons
  • Updated LayerSlider and Visual Composer
  • Made a few CSS tweaks for the admin panel for WP 3.8
  • Added option to enable auto updates
  • Added theme option for checking item purchase code for auto updates
  • Updated Sample Data .xml file
    • functions.php
    • admin/functions/functions.options.php
    • admin/assets/css/admin-style.css
    • functions/scripts.php
    • functions/recommend-plugins.php
    • functions/visual-composer/extend.php

Same Version – October 23, 2013

  • Upated: Visual Composer Plugin
    • plugins/js_composer.js

Version 3.0 – September 29, 2013

Important Notice: When updating to version 3.0 you will have to reset the theme options panel. You do this by going to Appearance->Theme Options and clicking the reset button on the bottom left. I strongly suggest you keep a second window open with the theme panel options before resetting (so 2 windows open with your options) then click reset on one of them. That way you can quickly copy/paste your options over to the new theme panel.

  • Premium Plugin Included: LayerSlider
  • Premium Plugin Included: Visual Composer
  • ————
  • Updated Theme Options Panel – REQUIRES AN OPTIONS RESET
  • Updated: FontAwesome Icons CSS & moved to style.css
  • Updated: Comments to use newer functions
  • Updated: Metabox Classes – New ability to select Event date via a calendar pop up!
  • ————
  • Added: PSD files now included!
  • Added: Responsive Layout
  • Added: New function for easier management of galleries – easily add, remove and re-order your gallery and event gallery images
  • Added: Ability to add a video to the top of your pages, events and posts
  • Added: Second blog style (without meta details
  • Added: Retina Support via retina.js
  • Added: Archive templates for gallery, faq, events
  • Added: Threaded comments support
  • Added: Icon support for the Navigation
  • ————
  • New Option: Ability to disable any of the built-in post types
  • New Option: Ability to change the colors of the menu, donate button, footer and copyright areas!!
  • New Option: New “Single Gallery” homepage module
  • New Option: Show/hide next and previous arrows on the calendar
  • New Option: To change the height cropping of blog posts featured images
  • New Option: To change height cropping of event featured images
  • New Option: To disable searchbar in the header
  • New Option: To change the width of the searchbar in the header
  • New Option: To disable menu drop-down arrows
  • New Option: To enable/disable retina support
  • New Option: Logo font option
  • ————
  • Optimized: Cleaned up Events and Event calendar code – global variables replaced with functions
  • Optimized: Better Query for homepage static page module
  • Optimized: Google fonts now load via HTTPS instead of HTTp
  • Optimized: Event details now accept HTML+shortcodes
  • ————
  • Changed: Lightbox script to a newer/better one
  • Changed: Renamed HP Highlights post type to Highlights
  • ————
  • Fixed: Bullets not working on the homepage static content
  • Fixed: Category descriptions now display for standard post categories
  • Fixed: Undefined indexes in custom widgets

Version 2.01 – July 1, 2013

  • Optimized: Re-organized theme structure and files – huge changes to overall theme structure
  • Optimized: Better support for child-theming
  • Updated: Blog entries now show only the first post category in the entries instead of all of them so it looks cleaner
  • Optimized: Cleaned up <header>
  • Optimized: Removed global $data and replaced with custom function
  • Optimized: Added no_found_rows to certain queries to speed them up
  • Optimized: Compressed theme images
  • Optimized: Js files now load only when required
  • Updated: Better Google map support for events – simply enter your event address
  • Updated: Analytic tracking now loads via a custom function rather then added manually to header/footer
  • Updated: Social display now uses a custom function that can be edited via your child theme
  • Fixed: Issue with homepage blog category selection in the admin causing the homepage to “break”
  • Fixed: Issue with gallery images being displayed in the wrong order
  • Fixed: Issue with double Google font loading
  • Fixed: Issue with homepage highlight floats when you have more then 3 items
  • Fixed: Styling issue with contact form
  • Updated: Error messages and sent message from the contact form
  • Updated: Slider to new FlexSlider and added built-in options for the transition, speed, animation…etc, in the admin panel
  • Updated: Slider can now be any height you wish and there is a theme option to control this
  • Updated: Footer custom copyright now has a fallback with auto date retrieval
  • Updated: Homepage highlights now each have their own ID for easier styling
  • Updated: Homepage highlights now have the custom URL in the title as well
  • Added: Use state=”open” to have toggles open by default
  • Added: Lots more Google font options
  • Added: Gallery metabox for easier image management on events and gallery posts
    • Virtually all files have changed ;)

Version 2.0 – February 18, 2013

  • Fixed: Made some fixes for WPML support
  • Fixed: an issue with shortcodes showing on the homepage recent posts excerpt
  • Added: Event templates and widget so that any event that has passed won’t show on the front-end
  • Updated: the aqua resizer script
    • functions.php – wpex_get_expired_events_ids() function
    • template-events.php – line 49
    • includes/home/events.php – line 30
    • functions/widgets/featured-events.php – line 30

Version 1.9 – December 12, 2013

  • Fixed calendar issue where next button didn’t take you to year 2013
  • Updated theme options css for WP 3.5
  • Removed include in_rotator_function to fix WP 3.5 bug

Version 1.8 – November 28, 2012

  • Made slider auto rotate
  • Added option to choose events order (ASC or DESC)
  • Added option to disable events countdown time
  • Added option to change the leaf divider icon to another icon
  • Fixed issue with blog posts when comments were turned off
  • Cleaned up the code a little for the slider/blog post entries
  • Removed unnecessary lightbox from slider images
  • Updated sample-data.xml file
  • Updated .mo and .po files

Version 1.7 – September 14, 2012

  • Added gallery with filter template
  • Removed wpautop filter for shortcodes and replaced with something better

Version 1.4 – July 03, 2012

  • Localized calendar months
  • Logo fix for wp 3.4+

Version 1.3 – June 15, 2012

  • Updated admin/index.php for a quick WP 3.4 bug fix.

Version 1.2 – June 05,2012

  • Updated font awesome
  • Added theme panel option to choose donate button icon from drop-down

Version 1.1 – May 28,2012

  • Added posts_number -1 to get_posts function in functions/calendar.php
  • Fixed small slider bug with image size
  • Added slider support to regular pages with sidebars