Theme Changelogs

Impact WordPress Theme Changelog

Below you will find a list of all the updates made to this theme and in some cases the precise changes and files edited. This should make it easier for you to update your theme if you have edited any files. However, we recommend you use a child theme for all your theme edits.

Version 1.2 – December 20, 2013

  • New custom post type icons for WP 3.8
  • Added support for automatic updates – please enter your details in the theme options under the “updates” tab
  • Fixed contact form field styling issue
  • Combined CSS and JS files for faster loading
  • Changed lang folder to languages
  • Updated screenshot
  • Updated sample data
    • functions/scripts.php
    • options.php
    • js/global.js
    • js/plugins.js – NEW
    • wp-updates-theme.php
    • style.css
    • screenshot.php
    • functions/theme-setup.php
    • renamed lang folder to languages

Plugins Update – August 2, 2013

  • Updated the symple shortcodes and slider revolution plugins
    • Extract the theme
    • Open the functions folder
    • Open the plugins folder
    • Here you will find both plugins that you can upload to your site to replace the old versions.

Version 1.1 – June 11, 2013

  • Added: Built-in options to change your post type names and slugs – Yay!
  • Added: Built-in new gallery metabox for easier portfolio slider management
  • Fixed: Issue with blog posts when no featured image is set leaving an empty space
  • Fixed: Issue where background option set to “none” was showing a dark bg image
  • Updated: Custom post types are now all built-in - NO more need for the post type plugins.
  • Updated: Symple shortcodes and slider revolution plugins
  • Optimized: Compressed images for faster loading times
  • Optimized: Cropped social icons to actual dimensions used in the theme for faster loading
  • Optimized: Compressed main CSS files and JS files
    • functions.php
    • scripts.php
    • style.css
    • css/responsive.css
    • options.php
    • content.php
    • content-video.php
    • functions/shortcodes/blog-shortcode.php
    • functions/recommend-plugins.php
    • functions/custom-css.php
    • functions/scripts.php
    • functions/gallery-metabox/ – NEW Folder & files
    • functions/post-types-taxonomes – NEW folder & files
    • lang/defaut.po
    • lang/

Version 1.04 – March 12, 2013

  • Added: some custom CSS for single staff position so it looks better and stands out from the title
  • Optimized: Browser dependent scripts now load via a function rather then manually in header.php
    • style.css – “Staff Posts” section
    • header.php
    • scripts.php

Version 1.01-v1.03

  • Small tweaks. Sorry forgot to write down the edits ;(

Version 1.01 – December 27, 2012

  • Fixed: issue with #subfooter div going outside the bounds on full-width style
  • Fixed: issue where date was the same for all blog posts in blog shortcode
  • Updated the Slider Revolution to it’s latest version
  • Updated: docs with a couple small things
    • functions/plugins/
    • functions/shortcodes/blog-shortcode.php
    • style.css