Theme Changelogs

Office WordPress Theme Changelog

Below you will find a list of all the updates made to this theme and in some cases the precise changes and files edited. This should make it easier for you to update your theme if you have edited any files. However, we recommend you use a child theme for all your theme edits.

Version 2.2 – January 6, 2014

  • Added support for auto updates
  • Updated admin panel for some css tweaks for WP 3.8
  • Updated admin custom post type icons for WP 3.8
  • Moved blog meta into it’s own function at functions/blog-meta.php

Plugin & Docs Update – November 21, 2013

  • Updated slider revolution plugin
  • Updated documentation files
    • plugins/ – You can delete the old plugin and upload this one manually instead. Or delete the old plugin and follow the “Recommended Plugins” warning.

Version 2.1 – September 03, 2013

  • Moved prettyPhoto css into main stylesheet for faster loading
  • Fixed retina problem with safari on mobile devices
  • Added better method for managing images in portfolio galleries
    • functions.php
    • style.css
    • functions/scripts.php
    • js/retina.js – NEW
    • functions/meta/meta-box/ – NEW Folder
    • single-portfolio.php
    • images/gh-icons.png – NEW

Version 2.02 – July 25, 2013

  • Fixed: JS issue with the FAQ filter not toggling when switching categories
  • Updated: SliderRevolution
    • js/quicksand.js
    • plugins/revslider.php

Version 2.01 – July 5, 2013

  • Updated: Flexslider plugin
  • Updaed: .mo/.po files
  • Added: Option to disable retina support for featured images via the admin
  • Added: Sample data for demo revslider
    • plugins/revslider.php
    • lang/.mo
    • lang/.po
    • admin/functions/functions.options.php

Version 2.0 – May 13, 2013

Important updates

  • Updated: SMOF admin panel will require a theme panel reset!!).
  • Updated: Documentation files.
  • Added: Slider Revolution plugin ( $15 value )
  • Removed: Static page option in theme panel. Static page module now displays content from your Homepage Template as defined under Settings->Reading fixes WPML incompatibility and removes unnecessary extra loop.
  • Removed: Slider font options.
  • Fixed: Homepage titles now have a localized fallback for WPML support. Enter “disable” into their theme option to disable them. Leaving them blank will show the fallback.
  • Updated: FlexSlider video option now accepts oEmbed link rather then embed code.
  • Updated: Header social now uses a custom function for easier management/additions.
  • Updated: Typography options in admin panel will require you to go through them over again if updating.
  • Updated: Removed custom ASC order for service categories to prevent conflicts.
  • Optimized: Service page tabs use post slug rather then counter for linking to their corresponding tabs.

Other fun updates

  • Updated: Homepage highlight images now link out as well as the title.
  • Updated: A bit more code commenting added to files for easier editing.
  • Updated: Moved short code link up to first line in the MCE editor.
  • Updated: Moved font-size and font-family drop downs in the MCE editor up to the 2nd line.
  • Updated: If Yoast breadcrumbs is active it will override the default built-in breadcrumbs function.
  • Updated: Portfolio items are now 4 items across on tablet portrait mode.
  • Updated: Speed up the staff hover animations a bit so it looks smoother.
  • Updated: Added title attribute to links that were missing on staff template.
  • Updated: Speed up animation a bit on service tabs.
  • Updated: Added clear fix for tabs/accordion/toggle contents.
  • Updated: Clearfix for last-column short code.
  • Updated: Tooltip for social icons now use more unique name.
  • Updated: Gallery template can now paginate.
  • Updated: Added plus/minus icons to accordion short code to match the toggles.
  • Updated: Responsive menu now shows dashes for sub-items
  • Updated: Responsive menu now localized with custom admin option for changing the text.
  • Updated: Pagination to use better core WP paginate_links() function & cleaned up the design a little
  • Updated: .po/.mo files
  • Updated: Enabled custom-field support for post types
  • Updated: Comments.php uses newer/better comment form standards
  • Updated: Enabled comment support for testimonials, faq, services post types
  • Updated Script: FlexSlider.
  • Updated Script: PrettyPhoto.
  • Updated Script: Quicksand.
  • Updated Script: Easing
  • Fixed: Issue with post type pages conflicting with pages with the same name slug.
  • Fixed: Float issue with homepage recent posts if there are more then 3.
  • Fixed: The js for toggles wasn’t loading properly on FAQ category archives.
  • Fixed: Navigation conflict with font-awesome fonts when they are loaded via some plugins such as the common calendar plugin.
  • Fixed: Issue with 3/4 1/4 column short codes.
  • Optimized: Removed most functions from functions.php and created individual files for each within the functions folder for a cleaner framework.
  • Optimized: Replaced mentions of $post->ID with get_the_ID().
  • Optimized: Replaced $thumbnail check with has_post_thumbnail() function.
  • Optimized: No more global $data variable for theme options. New wpex_get_data() function added to get theme options data.
  • Optimized: Changed get_post() loops where needed to use WP_Query instead and set no_found_rows to false where necessary to speed up queries.
  • Optimized: Added subheadings to admin panel for easier management.
  • Optimized: Minified the CSS a little still very organized/easy to read, but slimmer.
  • Optimized: Cleaned up header.php.
  • Optimized: IE scripts now load via custom function rather then being added manually in header.php.
  • Optimized: SmoothHeight added for homepage slider transitions between slides of different heights.
  • Optimized: Custom Post Type label/slug functions.
  • Optimized: The way grids clear floats.
  • Optimized: Clearfix now uses new micro clear fix method.
  • Optimized: Portfolio entries no longer li tags but are now article tags.
  • Optimized: Removed height/width image attributes from featured images in the HTML.
  • Optimized: Removed equal heights js for portfolio titles as no longer necessary with new float clearing.
  • Optimized: Option to disable font smoothing for webkit browsers via body class.
  • Optimized: Built-in short code js only loads when needed rather then loading via global.js.
  • Optimized: Disabled prettyPhoto for small mobile screens.
  • Optimized: Removed long delay on navigation drop-downs and made them faster/smoother.
  • Optimized: Better support for password required posts
  • Optimized: FlexSlider script is now minified.
  • Optimized: PrettyPhoto script is now minified.
  • Removed: easing script wasn’t being used anywhere.
  • Removed: automatic pretty photo lightbox added to WP gallery short code. Is not an option in the admin panel.
  • Removed: Equal heights js for portfolio titles. Clearing floats instead now.
  • Added: Retina logo admin option.
  • Added: Retina support for featured images.
  • Added: Aqua Resizer script for on the fly image cropping. No more thumbnail regenerating required.
  • Added: New option in admin panel to disable built-in short code functions.
  • Added: Pagination support for photo gallery templates.
  • Added: Option for full-width footer widgets.
  • Added: Related Staff members for single staff posts (optional)
  • Added: Auto staff featured image for staff posts. Can be disabled via the admin.
  • Added: New classes to for hiding content in the various media queries.
  • Added: Admin options for homepage flex slider height, animation, animation direction, auto slideshow, randomize, slideshow speed.
  • Added: Admin color options for top bar, callout button, footer and more!
  • Added: Portfolio oEmbed alternative for single post videos
  • Added: Portfolio option to disable portfolio post details on a per-post basis
  • Added: Portfolio option to show only the featured image rather then a slider
  • Added: Custom date option for portfolio post details and ability to disable the date on a per-post basis
  • Added: Author box for single blog posts (optional)
  • Restyled: Navigation default hovers changed to the default orange as requested by many.
  • Restyled: Parent menu items will now have highlight color.
  • Restyled: Added 5px top margin to breadcrumbs to clean it up a bit.
  • Restyled: Button short codes now use a classname of “office-button” instead of just “button” to prevent conflicts with other plugins.
  • Restyled: Contact form 7 tweaks for nicer form and fixes for newer version.
  • Restyled: Alert short codes to look more modern/cleaner
  • Added: Option to add slider revolution or other slider shortcode to any page

Version 1.95  - December 24, 2012

  • Updated flexslider version
  • Updated sample data .xml file
  • Added Gallery MetaBox support + updated docs to explain
    • js/jquery.flexslider-min.js
    • SampleData.xml

Version 1.94 - September 15, 2012

  • WP 3.5 Fix: Removed include in rotator function, no longer necessary, might cause blank screen on media upload
  • Functions.php
    • Single-portfolio.php (update not required, cleaned up the code)

Version 1.93 – September 13, 2012

  • Substituted the quicksand filter in the portfolio filterable template to isotope for better animations!
    • template-portfolio-with-filter.php
    • Functions.php (lines 82-83)
    • js/jquery.isotope.min.js – ADDED
    • js/jquery.isotope.portfolio.js – ADDED
    • style.css – see the very bottom of the file

Version 1.93 & Below

  • There are just way too many updates and if you are running WP 3.5 you really should be using the newer version.