Auto Slider Transition – Earth WordPress Theme

By default the slider of the Earth WordPress Theme is not set to auto-transition because it could cause issues with people that want to put video slides along with the image slides. However, to change it is very easy and requires just 1 small change in js/jquery.init.js.

Step 1: Open js/jquery.init.js

Step 2: Search for the following code (around line 106):

  effect: 'slide',
  preload: false,
  generatePagination: true,
  autoHeight: false,
  next: 'slides_next',
  prev: 'slides_prev',
  play: false,
  pause: 2500,
  slideSpeed: 600,
  hoverPause: true,
  slideEasing: "easeOutQuad",
  slidesLoaded: function () { $("#slider a.slides_prev, #slider a.slides_next").fadeIn(300);  }

Step 3: Change the “play” value to a number

Edit the highlighted line above to make the play value a number in milliseconds for the play time. Example:

play: 5000,

that would make the slider transition every 5 seconds.