Best way to add bullets to unordered list in page paragraphs


Hi, Something in the theme stops bullets for unordered lists in regular page paragraphs, I guess this is due to the shortcodes etc that may be chosen. How is best to activate the standard bullets so that my client can use them easily. thanks Matt

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Bullets are stripped by the css reset. you can add bullet styling where you need it. For example if you want it in posts you can add:

.entry ul{ list-style: circle; list-style-position: inside; }

read more:

I’ll see about adding some default styling in the next update.


OK great, CSS reset… at what point is css reset, is that with your template so you are not fighting all the default wordpress styles? thanks Matt

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The css reset is inside framework/scripts/css/framework.css – it’s actually to “fight” default browser behavior.